What We Do: ManageIT

Real-time technology management, fully integrated into your business to proactively protect, manage, monitor, maintain, and support

   Welcome to Modern IT

The 1990’s are gone and old-school reactive IT services should be too.  Waiting for equipment to fail or assuming your systems are secure can cost you TIME AND MONEY.  Protect your business and take control of your technology.  Our ManageIT plans include


24/7 Monitoring

Real-time site, equipment, and user tracking by our Network Operations Center to keep your team online, safe, and productive

Ransomware & AV Protection

Advanced threat protection for all computers and servers that is monitored by our Network Operations Center

Documentation & Reporting

We create detailed and unparalleled documentation, backed by powerful reporting tools, for everything on your network

Preventative Maintenance

On-going updates and patching to software and equipment that provide the highest levels of security and stability

Annual Budgeting & IT Assessment

Annual review that includes hundreds of checks, fiscal recommendations, and 12-month ever-greening schedule

A Dedicated Team and Manpower

You can rely on our full team of experienced IT pros for everything from simple requests to major projects

Did we forget to mention the rest?

We also include:

Technology Management

Tracking equipment, licensing, and how much to spend each year can be challenging.  We include an annual technology assessment 3-months in advance of your fiscal year-end.  Our business strategy team offers:

  • Assess tracking management
  • IT Report Card with 200+ checks into 15+ major areas
  • Security and Configuration checks
  • License tracking and compliance checks
  • Detailed business report
  • 12-month remediation schedule

Security First

Your information is priceless and should never be exposed

  • Secure by default best practices
  • Limiting exposure using a least privilege model
  • Rigorously vetting 3rd party applications
  • Real-time equipment, application, service monitoring
  • Zero day vulnerability response
  • Ransomware and advanced threat protection
  • Regular security audits

End to end Accountability

The ManagedIT experience is given our highest attention.  We aggressively track and analyze all requests

  • Guaranteed SLA (service level agreements)
  • Highest priority, fastest response times
  • A dedicated team of technicians
  • Priority access to our level 2 and level 3 techs
  • Advanced ticketing system
  • Dashboards, Reporting, and Analytics

What else is included?

Keeping control of your digital assets can be challenging and time-consuming. We take care of it.

Microsoft Office 365

Avoid large expenditures every 3-4 years on Microsoft software by moving to monthly subscriptions. Microsoft Office 2016, Microsoft Visio, and Microsoft Project can be added to your monthly Managed IT plan. We track unused licenses and eliminate them each month to prevent unnecessary costs.

Renewal Management

Expired licenses or services can knock your team offline or prevent your clients from accessing a critical platform; these include Warranties, Domains, SSL, and more. We track and assist with renewals for all Managed IT clients.

Licensing & Compliance

Vendors like Microsoft and VMWare now perform licensing audits every 3-4 years. Are you prepared? Are you compliant? We help clients stay compliant by reviewing your licensing each year and working directly with vendors when you are audited.

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