What We Do: Managed IT Services

When your clients are depending on you, depend on us 24/7.

At Ideal networks, we support, design and host your IT infrastructure so that you can spend more time working on strategic initiatives which increase your bottom line. We make your technology a lean and efficient engine which powers your growth, supports your mission and gives you a competitive edge in the marketplace.

Your IT infrastructure is an ecosystem of hardware and software which, like most things, needs regular maintenance and care to keep things running optimally. As part of our IT Support and Management offering, our Canadian based support team does whatever it takes to ensure that the technology your business relies on is tuned and maintained regularly.

How It Works


Automated Maintenance Tasks

Best practice-driven maintenance tasks are performed regularly to ensure you maximize your investment technology and enjoy maximum uptime, for example disk de-fragmentation on workstations and removal of temporary files


Patch and Firmware Management

For your systems to ensure they are running the most current versions which in turn fosters stability and efficiency. This includes Windows and productivity suite updates as well as firmware updates for your networking equipment such as switches, routers, and firewalls.


Extensive Monitoring Tools

We monitor your IT infrastructure using a variety of state-of-the-art monitoring tools (supporting both Windows and Mac operating systems), enabling us to not only spot problems but also trends before they turn into problems. Even when you’re sleeping we have systems in place to alert us of any issues that may arise. This means that we can provide proactive support even before you arrive for work in the morning.


System Maintenance

Scheduled routine maintenance for systems and applications during or after business hours depending upon your needs – for example, deploying a Service Pack for Microsoft Exchange or upgrading the firmware on a Dell PowerEdge R610 server would be covered by best practices-based system maintenance.


Software Deployment

Software deployments are part of our ongoing maintenance schedule. If you are rolling out a specific application throughout your business, we can leverage ‘silent’ mechanisms to deploy the software all on the computers. We can also use this procedure to upgrade software versions or to install/re-install software packages – and, we support both Mac and PC (e.g. Windows 7).


Systems and Network Monitoring

Computer and Servers, networking equipment and even applications are monitored for uptime and performance to ensure your environment is stable and always available. Our monitoring occurs on many levels; from your entire network to a specific application you use. We monitor all aspects of your technology infrastructure to ensure stability and to ensure your systems are running at peak performance

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