Cloud Services: Canadian Cloud Hosting Services

The Technology Within your Cloud.

Take advantage of on-demand deployment of servers and applications by leveraging a hosted solution with Ideal Networks. We offer Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) and Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) options based on many of the Microsoft server solutions, including Microsoft Exchange, SharePoint Services, Remote Desktop Services (Terminal Services) and custom line-of-business / database applications. Talk to us about your specific requirements, and you may be able to avoid purchasing another expensive server and licensing – saving your capital to be re-invested in your business.

With Ideal Networks Custom Hosting Solutions, you get all the flexibility of having your own server without any of the headaches. The benefits of Cloud Server Computing include simplified scalability as needs change, greatly improved uptime, simplified monthly billing model and minimal upfront costs. Every system in our 100% Canadian Cloud is monitored, maintained, managed and backed up continuously. Virtually every business can benefit from Cloud Computing by taking advantage of immediate performance, reliability and scalability gains.

What We Offer


File Sync for the Enterprise

Our Sync solution goes far beyond traditional business grade services, with private cloud deployment options and features, branding, and security capabilities specific to your needs.


Microsoft Solutions

Through our Service Provider Licensing Agreement (SPLA) with Microsoft, we are able to offer Email and Collaboration (Exchange, Compliance, Lync), SharePoint Services, CRM, and many more applications on a pay-per-user basis. Of course, each of these is managed by our technical services team and includes all support, monitoring, maintenance and backup.


Dedicated Solutions

We can provide “turn key” physical and virtual servers to accommodate a wide variety of requirements.

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