Cloud Services: Cloud Servers

Powerful private servers and infrastructure designed to replace traditional in-house servers that have steep upfront and on-going costs

Housed exclusively in Canada

Each server is tailored to you.  You pick the operating system, CPU, RAM, and amount of storage.  We support all major OS’s including Windows and Linux, to ensure the experience is consistent with an on-premise server.

What We Offer


File Sync for the Enterprise

Our Sync solution goes far beyond traditional business grade services, with private cloud deployment options and features, branding, and security capabilities specific to your needs.


Microsoft Solutions

Through our Service Provider Licensing Agreement (SPLA) with Microsoft, we are able to offer Email and Collaboration (Exchange, Compliance, Lync), SharePoint Services, CRM, and many more applications on a pay-per-user basis. Of course, each of these is managed by our technical services team and includes all support, monitoring, maintenance and backup.


Dedicated Solutions

We can provide “turn key” physical and virtual servers to accommodate a wide variety of requirements.

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