Cloud Services: Backup & Disaster Recovery

We protect your data.

The right backup and data recovery infrastructure can save your business. In fact, a recent study revealed that 41% of companies experiencing a major loss of computer records never re-opened. At Ideal Networks, we deliver state-of-the-art backup and data recovery solutions which combine on-site and secure off-site storage for both servers and workstations. To ensure total protection, your data can be replicated between our Canadian data centers located in Kamloops and Kelowna, BC.

What We Offer



We manage your backups from top-to-bottom, taking over the burden of daily monitoring and maintenance. If backups are not successful, we take action to resolve the issue freeing you to spend your time on business activities. We also perform regular restore tests to validate that the backup strategy in place is actually working.


Hybrid Backup Solution

Backups can be stored locally as well as in our data centers to provide rapid data restores, but also providing disaster recovery protection.


Advanced Technology

Our enterprise-grade backup solution supports virtually all server and workstation operating systems, including Microsoft client and server operating systems, Linux, Mac. The architecture allows for agent-less backup of systems connected to the LAN, meaning there is no additional software to install or maintain on each system. Full support for application-level backups for Microsoft SQL Server, Exchange Server (including message-level restore) and SharePoint as well as disaster recovery, bare-metal backups.


Warm / Hot Standby Services

We can provide reserved and / or dedicated, online server capacity to enhance your Business Continuity and enable you to “flip the switch” and bring services online in one of our data centers.

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