Written by Lyle Melnychuk

Encryption is not the only way to safeguard sensitive data, but it’s a critical part of security. That’s why the argument between the FBI and Apple is so heated — and why data security experts are largely united in coming down on the side of privacy.

Basically, the disagreement revolves around whether companies should be required to create new ways for law enforcement to sidestep their customers’ security. If the courts decide in the FBI’s favor, we can expect to see more requests to bypass encryption on customers’ devices, for more reasons. And as that becomes more common, as security analyst Rich Mogull writes in Macworld, “the tools will leak, the techniques will be exploited by criminals, and our collective security will decline.”

Identifying sensitive data, encrypting it, and ensuring that encryption remains strong and unbreakable are all integral parts of a strong defensive security strategy. To find out more about the issues and make sure the only one with a key to your data is you, give Ideal Networks a call.

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